The library plays an integral part in the delivery of the curricular program. It provides supporting material for learning in the classrooms and help(s) teach skills required by the students to become literate(intellectual), informed, and able to face the world.

The library serves students, parents and the faculty with its vast collection of print. Students regularly visit the library along with their class.

The school library is enriched with different titles for general reading and reference purposes. All students make use of the library for updating their knowledge through subject-based periodicals, magazines, and newspapers.

Our library is equipped with more than 3,000 books from different publishers and offering adequate reading space. Our children are given the opportunity to choose from a range of authors, genres and periodicals.

The books in the library cover a wide range of Subjects, from Fiction, Biographies, Encyclopedias, Science and Crafts. New Journals and books get added regularly to upgrade the present stocks. Our experienced Librarian actively participates and leads the READING PROGRAM.

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