The faculty at Bhashyam Blooms is well qualified, trained and experienced to offer the best possible coaching to the students.

The e-based classrooms have been set up to give teachers the advantage of giving students a demonstrative coaching. All these activities are directed towards the development of the students to perform well and achieve success. It is very important to use all our senses to learn effectively and correctly. The endeavour in the higher section at Bhashyam Blooms is to ensure that the students are provided practical based learning that helps them retain what they learn in the classroom for a long time. Bookish knowledge is not the only purpose of teaching. At Bhashyam Blooms the information is given with the support of visual based learning. The faculty with great care and thought prepares the material for such demonstrations and presentations. These exercises are aimed to develop the students' presentation skills. Such activities build the confidence of the students, help them analyse the subject and select the core information that the topic conveys. Thereby learning becomes easy to comprehend and easier still to communicate.


Bhashyam believes in providing a broad and balanced CBSE program characterised by a range of meaningful learning experiences in and beyond the classroom. The atmosphere in the school is rich with a sense of community and shared goals. It is an environment, which stimulates confidence, integrity, critical thought, and harnessing of prolific energies. The school has evolved with futuristic foundation programs and co-curricular activities aimed to develop independence, responsibility and encourage the students towards academic excellence. Periodic parent-teacher meetings are conducted to help parents understand the curriculum and teaching methodology adopted by the school.

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Bhashyam recognises the importance of preserving the innate curiosity of early childhood throughout the primary years and has evolved with a strong reciprocal learning system that makes the transition from Pre-Primary to Primary Schooling easy. Research shows that children at this stage can develop a positive attitude to learning if they are given opportunities to use what they already know and relate it to construct a new meaning and understanding. The scientifically designed Primary School Program provides many experiences of varying ability levels in each of the developmental areas of the child. The specially trained teachers aim to encourage creative thinking, decision making and problem solving, while building on existing theories of the world. At every step their development is recorded and progress made is monitored.

The Primary section students at Bhashyam CBSE School have the advantage of interactive learning that is visual based.

Students are guided to hone their communication and presentation skills from the early stage.


Bhashyam firmly believes that learning is comprehensive only when all the senses are put to good use. The level of retention is enhanced and long lasting, if it comes from individual experience. Field trips provide meaningful and relevant experiential learning opportunities for students to connect the simulated classroom learning to real-world lessons through educational tours and picnics. These well-planned outing schedules are based on the age groups of the students. During these trips, the students develop a bond and develop inter-personal skills, understand the value of sharing, caring, teamwork, collaboration and coordination. Elaborate security arrangements have been made to ensure the safety of every child during the tours.

Nature is the best teacher. Real world experiences teach the students to face realistic challenges, tackle real life situations and then correlate them with text book learning.


The teaching faculty of the group are good learners, observing the child’s needs, comprehension and assimilation capabilities. Their commitment and dedication together with creative, imaginative and innovative approach make learning inspiring and impressive. To make learning proactive and interactive, teachers make use of a technologically-advanced version of digital boards in the classrooms. These interactive teaching sessions enable the students to pay more attention in the class, while making a dry subject interesting. The teachers demonstrate ample patience and perseverance, while providing emotional support to students, as and when needed. To keep themselves abreast with the developments in the realm of education, they participate in educational workshops, seminars and conferences

The teachers are not only well versed with the digital gizmos but as a policy make effective use by giving 3D presentations on the subjects in the e-classrooms.


The Middle Years of schooling is a time of transition and is the most challenging time for learners as they move from childhood to adolescence. During this period, teachers extend Imbuing Confidence, Creativity, Character for a Competent India!

School develops all round excellence in individuals, by inculcating ethical and cultural values, developing rational thinking and nurturing their unique talents, so that they can meet the challenges of life.

“SeelenaShobhathey Vidya…”

“Good character improves the power of learning”

“Good character adds splendour to education and it empowers learning”


“May all the Worlds be Happy at all times”``

This Unique vision of Bhashyam School makes it special of its kind.