Grade 5 to 10 ( CBSE Syllabus)

Grade 6 to 10 (State syllabus)

Grade 6 to 10 (CBSE/State IIT foundation)

    Our School is committed to provide education for students in a caring and supportive environment. The aim of the school is to enable all its students achieve their ultimate level. In order to achieve it, some of our students may require supplementary teaching, additional resources or classroom support. Generally the teachers identify the following categories,

  • Students with learning difficulties / disabilities.
  • Students with speech and communication disorders

We never encourage private tuitions to our school students. If it is recommended by the parent for remedial education the subject tutors in school will put in enough emphasis on the child to support him Since the day one name Bhashyam Rama Krishna was synonymous with quality education, strong fundamentals and dedicated teaching. Students will definitely benefit from the excellence of academy and reap rich rewards in their chosen field.

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