The school campus is vast and well designed to provide quality education. The classrooms are clean and the huge corridors are designed for free movement. The school building has well demarcated areas for various activities like teaching, lab work, seminars, sports and hobby clubs. The facilities are comparable to the best in the state. The school offers value added training following NCERT Books in the regular curriculum under CBSE pattern. Bhashyam is unique in location, education and style of teaching. The colorful classrooms create the right ambience for children to learn. Individual lockers are provided for them to keep their books. Every classroom is spacious and aesthetically designed to provide luxury seating in comfort to the students. This has a two fold benefit. One, it helps the teachers to communicate effectively to all the students and the other advantage is that students are provided individual attention.

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Labs, Library

Computer learning is imparted at Bhashyam Blooms class 5th onwards to make the students aware of this new technology in the field of education and help them use it to their advantage in all their future endeavours. Students have the advantage of access to the latest information by browsing through the Internet under the guidance of the teacher. The library at Bhashyam Blooms is a storehouse of a collection of reference materials, journals and periodicals from all parts of the world. Library periods are meant for the students to visit the library and browse through some interesting information. The science labs are well equipped to help students conduct science experiments effectively under the guidance of their teachers in physics, chemistry and biology. The specimen and apparatus are of the highest standard.


For the convenience of the students the school provides bus facility. To avail the transport facility parents should register the names of their wards at the time of admission. Precautions are taken to ensure the safety and security of the students.

Games & Sports

Bhashyam Blooms has vast areas and facilities that would entice anyone to have a go at sports and games. Students can participate in cricket, volleyball and basketball as well as indoor games like table tennis and chess. Students also can learn roller-skating under the professional trainer. Exceptionally talented students are encouraged to participate in several skills.The swimming pool at Bhashyam Blooms is a platform for students to learn swimming not only as an exercise but as a life saving skill too. Education comprises of physical fitness and skills that come under the category of life saving skills. Students of the senior classes are given training in first-aid. Bhashyam Blooms lays enough emphasis to develop the mental faculties by integrating enough time in the curriculum for exercises like yoga and meditation. These help in maintaining a proper balance between the physical health and mental fitness. Special training is provided in self-defense techniques through martial arts.

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Toys, Tools and Toil

The first steps to schooling are very important in a child’s life. Bhashyam has put in all efforts to ensure that every child enjoys its initial years of learning. The endeavour is to keep the child engrossed with interesting play activities that are educative and entertaining, so that the child loves coming to school every day.

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) is housed in a friendly, lively wing of the school consisting of airy classrooms, a pottery studio with adjoining toy room and playpen with adventure equipment, swings, a sandpit, a pet enclosure and a fantasy garden. The teachers at the ELC treat children with respect and listen to their observations patiently and considerately, and children are always provided a courteous and thoughtful answer. Lessons covering literacy, numeracy and life skills are addressed daily in the colourful classrooms with audio-visual equipment and Smart-Start computers.

The environment, course and committed teachers at Bhashyam play a crucial role in kindling and sustaining a continued interest and love for learning in the students right from the impressionable age.

Finding and Following the Technology

The school believes in exposing the student to information technology and the applications that can be useful in their life. A special emphasis is also laid to improve their spoken and written communication skills. Computers have given a new dimension to learning. They have also redefined the meaning and effectiveness of communication. The Bhashyam group has reacted to change positively and has established modern ICT labs that have the latest hardware and software with high-speed Internet connectivity. Students right from the initial stages of learning are provided computer education program that goes beyond the stipulated CBSE syllabus. Students browse the Internet in a filtered way to gather information related to their projects and ever-changing technology. To improve oral and written communication skills, the school has established Modern English Language Laboratory. The course helps the learners speak the language fluently with the help of user-friendly technology. To improve oral and written communication skills, the school has developed ASL course that helps the learners speak the language fluently with the help of user-friendly technology.

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Lab is the Catalyst, Not the Outcome

The students of the Senior School are encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses. To substantiate theoretical expressions and to provide sound practical training to the students the school has separate and full-fledged labs for Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences. The laboratories are well designed and a lot of thought has gone into making the labs safe for students’ use. Many objective-oriented group projects in these subjects are assigned to students with clear and open-ended guidance from the teachers. This gives students a chance to experiment together and to learn the practical implications of the theoretical postulates. Students are also encouraged to conduct internal and external science symposia as well as science fairs. Talented students are trained and encouraged to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiads.

To provide enough recourse for self-learning, the school has a library with a vast collection of books, study materials, question banks and reference materials. It acts as an extended classroom and a link between the classroom learning and their practical implications.

The Rhythm and Rhyme of Art

Bhashyam believes that creative and performing arts enrich people and communities. They are critical to understanding global cultures. The school has state-of-the-art studios for creative and performing arts. The clubs and societies formed, incorporate various activities that enhance the imagination and creativity of the students. Music, theatre, dance, visual arts, pottery, debates, stamp collection, gardening, cooking, cultural and literary activities are the electives offered for the students to pursue. Each club/society has an identity, style and agenda of its own. Students and teachers collaboratively design the curricula and activities of these clubs, and focus is always on kindling talents and skills, and then honing them.

To inculcate leadership qualities and team spirit in the students the school has Scouts and Guides and NCC training programme. It forms the impetus in driving home a sense of discipline, dedication and duty towards the motherland.

The Dip, Splash and Wave of Success

The school believes in preparing students to be well-rounded individuals. Emphasis is laid on shaping the students into smart individuals with strong commitment towards their chosen goals. The school has modern physical education infrastructure that stands as a reflection of its commitment and philosophy in keeping the children physically fit and mentally agile. The CBSE school well maintained Swimming Pools with an attached Toddler Pools to train the children in this life saving discipline. Professional staff trains students in the finer arts of swimming. Similarly, a skating rink has been designed for students to train in roller-skating. In addition to these activities, martial arts and yoga form the part of the daily activities as they exercise the body and relax the mind. This way the child develops into a well-balanced individual.

Where Teamwork is the God

Bhashyam believes in the dictum ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’. Students are provided with excellent facilities for outdoor games like cricket, badminton, volleyball, basketball and so on. All sports activities are conducted under the supervision of a Physical Education Director who is ably supported by qualified Physical Training Instructors. To inculcate a healthy competitive spirit, the school is divided into four houses and inter-house competitions in various sports disciplines are conducted to identify and encourage the talent. The students learn to play within the set rules and understand their role in the team and the importance of their respective positions. Adequate measures are taken to facilitate the participation of the talented students at various levels of competitions, so that they may shine as well as consider it as a career option.

Every student gets exposed to various sports and games. A student on choosing a sport of his / her interest, is encouraged with the opportunities to attain the highest proficiency in the same.

The Journey goes on…

The endeavour is to provide the best of facilities, curriculum and teaching to the students that they can accumulate throughout their pursuit of the educational voyage. The intention is to accelerate the process of learning by fuelling it with competent teaching methods, well designed modules and above all, latest infrastructure and facilities. The journey goes on. The travellers reach their destination, and new ones board the train to success.